The property industry has long been regarded as one of the most promising businesses in the world.Inevitably this attracts many entrepreneurs to try their luck in this business.
The charm of the property that seemed to never fade also brought global property developers increasingly keen to develop their projects throughout the world. Here are 10 big developers whose property assets are widespread in many countries in the world.

Property firm Henderson Land Development, a pioneer in the property industry in Hong Kong, was founded in 1981 by Lee Shau Kee.
Over time Henderson Land often won many awards for its projects.
Among other things, awards are high quality new homes and commercial developments.
Henderson Land, which is famous as an investor in office and mall buildings in Hong Kong, has a row of portfolios that often become icons.
Some well-known portfolios are the International Finance Center (IFC) in Hong Kong and the World Financial Center in Beijing. As for residency is 39 Conduit Road, The Gloucester, and Double Cove.

Dalian Wanda Group was founded in 1989 by Wang Jianlin in Lioning Province, Dalian, China.
Because of its achievements and experience, the name Dalian is now entering the ranks of the biggest developers in the Panda Country. This can be seen from the company’s assets which reached 534.1 billion yuan (US $ 85.6 billion) in 2014. Not only that, Dalian has also become one of the largest cinema operator networks in the world.
Together with AMC Entertainment, which is the network operator in China and the United States, the name Dalian is now even more prominent.

Sun Hung Kai Properties is the largest property developer in Hong Kong.
The company has a land bank of 49.5 million m2, consisting of 20.8 million m2 of land under development, and 28.7 million m2 of land that has been completed.
With that large land bank, they are currently the largest landowners in the Hong Kong area.
Some of the most well-known Sun Hung Kai projects are the International Commerce Center in West Kowloon. In addition, there are also International Finance Centers in Hong Kong and Central Plaza in Wan Chai.

Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (Hong Kong)

This company actually represents many industries. But along with the development of the property industry, Chow Tai Fook finally glanced at the business.
Through its business entity, the New World Development firm founded in 1972 in Hong Kong, Chow Tai began to seriously work on the property business.
New World Development has now successfully developed a flagship retail area project, namely K11 in Tsim Tsha Tsui, the first art mall in Hong Kong.
In addition to the commercial retail area, New World also built many other projects such as hotels, apartments and one of the best housing in Hong Kong. The New World development project currently has also penetrated the Chinese market.
Chinese Estates Holdings (Hong Kong)
This well-known company is involved in the development, sale and rental of properties in Hong Kong, Macau and mainland China. The portfolio of their property development includes housing 55 Conduit Road and No. 12 Shiu Fai Terrace in Hong Kong and Estates Plaza, a commercial that became one of the icons in Chendu, China.

Trumph Real Estate (USA)

The Trump Organization is one of the luxury real estate brands in the world. With Trump’s name as a characteristic of every project he built, Trump now has global domination in the property world.
The luxury of each design makes Trump now succeed in entering the ranks of the big names of world developers.
Many of Donald Trump’s business empire development projects are well known to the world, two of which are Trump Hollywood in America and Panama City in Panama.
Vornado Realty Trust (USA) The
company headed by Steven Roth is one of the developers with major projects in America. Vornado has a focus on development in New York and Washington DC.
The 30 million m2 land he owns in Washington DC, New York, San Francisco, Manhattan and Chicago has transformed him into luxurious buildings. One of the iconic Vornado works is 555 California Street in San Francisco.
This company has developed more than 700 hotels, malls and condominiums in Singapore and Hong Kong. It’s no wonder that its name is included in the list of the biggest developers in the world. Its expansion into Australia by buying Clocktower Square in Sydney and Perth’s Harbor Town Center also further inflated the name Far East on the global scene.
Las Vegas Sands Corp. (USA) The
name Las Vegas Sands Corp is included in the list of big developers in North America and Asia. The development of Marina Bay in Singapore has become one of the real proofs of the prestige of Sands Corp in the eyes of the world. Several other projects in Las Vegas and Macau, China have strengthened their names as big developers worldwide.
Irvine Co. (USA)
The Irvine Company has a long list of portfolios of commercial and residential properties, including 50,000 apartments, 40 million m2 of office space and 8 million m2 of shopping centers in Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley. Not only that, Irvine Co also has 3 golf clubs and 5 marinas. The development of such a large project makes its name worthy of being pinned as one of the big developers in the world. –  Dawn / from various sources


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