Top 10 Successful Lawyers Who Ever Changed World Letters

Do you know who figures who have had a major influence in world history then brought changes to the face of world history. starting with the aim of paying taxes to lawyers, this is a large courtroom that is changing the world, here are ten of the most successful lawyers in world history .

John Adams 

John Adams, the second president of the United States, was the one who stood up against slavery in the United States. He has made ground-breaking changes to the social and legal structure of the American colonies. As a lawyer, he defended the British army during the liberated Boston Massacre.

Clare Foltz 

Being an inspiration to most female lawyers, Foltz is best known for being the first female lawyer on the West Coast. He sued Hastings College of Law for discrimination (not recognizing him for sex). California state law has been changed to allow everyone, men or women, of different ethnic and racial backgrounds to be accepted by the bar after passing the exam.

Abraham Lincoln 

Generally known for the battle against slavery, Lincoln is also a strong lawyer in Illinois. 16 The President of the United States handled various types of legal cases (trials for medical malpractice, company errors, etc.). Getting into the swing for more than 20 years, he became one of the most successful presidents in the US

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi 

Generally known as Mahatma Gandhi, this lawyer freed India from tyranny. He began his career in London in 1800, moved to South Africa to pursue his career in law. He was beaten and discriminated against and decided to get involved in a civil rights case defending other Indian immigrants.

Sir Thomas More 

Before being executed by Henry VIII of England for not recognizing the Church of England, Sir Thomas More served as an advisor to Henry VIII and also as Lord Chancellor. He worked as a diplomat, Chair of the House of Commons, chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, and High Stewart for Oxford and Cambridge universities.

Thurgood Marshall 

Rejected from the University of Maryland Law School because of his skin color, Marshall still managed to continue his studies. After school, he worked as Chair of the Advisor for the NAACP. We mostly remember him in helping in drafting the constitution for Ghana and other Tanzania regions.

Alan Dershowitz 

Engaged in several legal cases including Patty Hearst, OJ Thompson or Mike Tyson, Dershowitz is known as the most prominent defender of individual rights. He graduated from Yale Law School and became the youngest full professor of law in Harvard history (age 28).

Nelson Mandela 

Mandela worked as a lawyer before serving as President of South Africa. He graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand and started a campaign for human rights and national unity. He led anti-apartheid activism to victory.

Thomas Jefferson 

Successful lawyers This is the first of a district lieutenant and a member of the House of Burgesses. He is famous for being president of the Declaration of Independence and establishing the basis for the American legal system.

Sadie Alexander 

Attending University of Pennsylvania for undergraduate and graduate school, Sadie became the first African American woman to get a PhD in this country. He was also the first black woman to be treated at a bar in Pennsylvania. 

So Top 10 Successful Lawyers Who Ever Changed the World. hopefully it can add to our insight. 



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