Hotman Paris is not an artist, but it seems that almost all Indonesians know him. From the President to the pedicab driver, everyone knows that this man is a veteran lawyer. In general, there are two things that make a famous Parisian Hotman. First, it is clear that his ability as a reliable lawyer rarely loses and his prestige skyrocketed, and the second is clearly his wealth.

The most prominent lawyer in Indonesia is the nickname attached to this figure. So called because Bang Hotman is in fact really rich. Just look at the settings that are always smart and branded. Not to mention the rides that go back and forth to change, from Ferrari to Lamborghini. Although Hotman Paris is considered the richest lawyer in Indonesia, but if we enlarge its parameters to become a global scale, it turns out that the Medan man really has nothing. Yes, when compared to the people we will call later, Hotman Paris is just the tip of a nail like it is.

Seriously, Bang Hotman is a super rich lawyer whose rates don’t play games. But, compared to these people he is still far less wealthy. Then, who are the richest lawyers in the world? Know through the following reviews.

Wichai Thongthan, The Most Expensive Reader on Earth

Regarding wealth, it is not clear how much property is owned by a Parisian Hotman. But, if you look in the style, rates, etc., it is certain that Hotman’s wealth may be hundreds of billions. But, as hot as Bang Hotman, he is almost impossible to compare with Thai lawyer named Wichai Thongthan.

Wichai Thongthan [Image Source]

The reason is especially if it isn’t Wichai’s extraordinary wealth. In 2013, its assets were almost $ 1.1 billion, equivalent to Rp. 14.6 trillion! Actually, it’s no wonder why Wichai can be rich. It’s just that the client is a classmate of former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. In addition, Wichai himself is also a successful businessman

Willie E. Gary, His Ability to Speak Can Make Hotman Ampun-Ampunan

As a lawyer, of course the main condition is clever speech, as well as analytical skills. We know for ourselves how Bang Hotman is about speech. He is cas cis cus and really good. But, in the sky is there still a sky tho? Right, about speaking skills, there are still more skilled than Bang Hotman. This man is named Willie E Gary.

Willie E. Gary [Image Source]

In America Willie is known for his ability to speak. That’s why the case history is really good. That is the case that has been resolved. Not only a lawyer, Willie himself is also a motivator who has traveled everywhere. Oh yeah, about wealth, this famous American lawyer has at least $ 100 million. Find out for yourself how much is converted into Rupiah.

John Branca sang Lawyer of The Year

John Branca may not be the type of lawyer who is in line with Bang Hotman. If Hotman might focus more on celebrities and criminal cases, but pure Branca is an entertainment lawyer. The term entertainment lawyer itself is those who are in charge of handling legal matters concerning matters relating to the entertainment world. For example copyright, intellectual property rights, to trademarks.

John Branca and Michael Jackson [Image Source]
John Branca and Michael Jackson [Image Source ]

Regarding wealth, Branca again also surpassed Bang Hotman. The Lawyer of the Year if the word Billboard magazine has around $ 50 million or around Rp. 665 M. Besides being a lawyer, Branca is also a famous producer.

Joel Segal, the US Rich Lawyer

Joel Segal’s name is also predicted as one of the richest lawyers in the world. According to available data, this man has as much as $ 40 million in assets or around Rp. 532 billion. Joel himself is not purely a lawyer, but also has a high position at a football club in America.

Joel Segal [Image Source]

Not only that, this man also portrays as a sports agent where he is tasked with taking care of endorsement issues and also contract agreements. Many call this man a multi-talented human. Not only good at being a lawyer but also good at managing management.

These are the richest lawyers on the face of the Earth whose wealth is truly extraordinary. Bang Hotman himself is actually also worthy of entering this list. Moreover, it was later rumored that he had a row of luxury properties. Unfortunately, there is no transparency about the amount of wealth. So, we don’t know how many assets they have.

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